Innovative MEMS Timing

Patented high-performance technology. True dual-output (kHz and MHz). Scalable design to fit your requirements. Superior reliability & robustness.

Stathera’s proprietary technology allows for the fabrication of extremely high-quality resonators in a high vacuum environment. Wafer-level packaging allows for a high yield at a reduced cost. The device is fabricated exclusively in single crystal silicon which allows for unparalleled reliability and robustness.

Key Features

Size Reduction and CMOS compatibility

Overall timing solution relative to the system. Our MEMS-based resonator is >10x smaller than legacy quartz-based timing solutions. They are fabricated using single crystal silicon, and 100% CMOS compatible allowing further system miniaturization.

Frequencies that meet your needs

Our technology allows us to fabricate oscillators that cover a range of frequencies. Gen 1 oscillators support from 32.768 kHz to 30 MHz with tunable the resonant frequency to meet our customer’s timing needs.

Resistance to Shock and Vibration

The use of single crystal silicon as the basis of the resonator leads to an unparalleled resistance to shock and vibration

Low Power Consumption and Multiple Loads

The devices are ideal for power sensitive applications, with best in class power consumption and ability to drive multiple loads concurrently.

Scalable Production

Our strategic partnerships in N. America and Asia for fabrication and assembly allows us to easily scale and ramp production to meet customer requirements.

Embedded MEMS for IC Integration

Our state-of-the-art MEMS resonator can be licensed for integration into other chipsets providing significant system advantages, and to licensed quartz oscillator suppliers.