Unparalleled performance, true-dual-output MEMS oscillator in a small footprint package, or as an embedded MEMS resonator

Packaged MEMS Oscillator:

True-dual-output MEMS oscillator provides ultra stable, low jitter and temperature insensitive kHz and MHz output.

Chip-scale package:

Key features and benefits:

  • True-dual-output timing solution
  • CLK1: 32.768 kHz output for RTC
  • CLK2: MHz output programmable
  • Ultra-low power, designed specifically for
    battery operated devices
  • Reduces BOM, simplifies PCB design and layout
  • Enables cost-effective, fastest path to market
  • Superior shock and vibration resistance
  • Direct temperature sensing
  • Small form factor package options

Embedded MEMS Resonator:

Stathera’s True dual-output (kHz & MHz) embedded MEMS resonator can be integrated into an MCU/SoC/PMIC for system control, power-moding and Real Time Clock (RTC), and/or into communication IC such as, BLE/NFC/GNSS, enabling accurate timing, simplification of design, lower system power, and reduced BOM cost.

Key features and benefits:

  • Total system solution in one chip: Application IC + kHz & MHz resonator
  • World’s highest Q-factor MEMS
  • Simplification of system design
  • Faster time to market – saves time troubleshooting external XTAL
  • Smallest system / PCB footprint
  • Lowest system power consumption
  • Higher shock and vibration resistance

Dual-Output MEMS Oscillator Board:

Stathera’s dual-output MEMS oscillator board is designed to allow users to evaluate the temperature compensated, stable, and concurrent kHz and MHz outputs from Stathera’s true-dual-output MEMS resonator. Contact us to request an evaluation board.

Key features and benefits:

  • Dual-output MEMS – kHz & MHz
  • kHz output 32.768 kHz.
  • MHz output configurable (multiple frequencies)
    • Stand-alone mode (selection via DIP switch)
    • Remote mode (selections via GUI software)
  • Temperature compensated, ultra stable frequency (both outputs)
  • SMA connectors – connection to frequency counter

Contact us to request a product eval board, or discuss our embedded MEMS timing solutions for integration into your system controller and communication IC.