About us

We are on a Mission to transform the global timing market

from Quartz-based to MEMS-based devices

Transforming the Timing Market

Stathera is transforming the $10B, 100-year-old quartz-based timing market to MEMS-based timing with our breakthrough innovation in MEMS timing technology.

We are using ingenuity to break paradigms, lowering power while increasing performance. Through our team, innovation in MEMS Timing, and commitment to excellence, we will speed up the IoT revolution, and unlock disruptive advantages for IoT, Wearables, Smartphones, and a variety of other applications. But the transformation won’t stop there. With our breakthrough MEMS technology, we’ll also unlock an unimaginable variety of new features and applications for electronic devices that benefit from low-power, and ultra-stable timing for synchronous system control and communication.

We believe that ultra-stable, accurate MEMS timing is the key for decentralized synchronization in a robust distributed network, and Stathera will hold the key.



Our Start

Founders, George Xereas, PhD and Charles Allan, M. Eng. started NXTSENS Microsystems Inc, to commercialize breakthrough MEMS technologies developed at McGill University. NXTSENS’ MEMS pressure sensing technology was the 1st to be commercialized from a pipeline of patented technologies, and is being used by MY01 in a medical device. MEMS Timing, the technology behind the winning 2015 MEMS Executive Congress elevator pitch competition, is the 2nd technology being commercialized, and that is where Stathera, Inc. comes in.


Solidifying the Foundation

  • Secured MEMS Timing technology development funds from MITACS, and entered into strategic partnerships with C2Mi for the MEMS process development.
  • September 2016 – EE Times Silicon 60: Listed as Emerging Companies to Watch.


Growing the Team

  • Expanded the MEMS Timing technology team, including two post-doctoral engineers, whose work further reinforced the foundation for ultra-stable MEMS resonator through additional simulation and verification.
  • Successfully prototyped the first-to-world True dual-mode MEMS resonator.



  • Stathera, Inc. formally established as a Quebec, Canada corporation,
    maintaining its existing headquarters in Montreal.
  • Breakthrough technology IP secured. Filed PCT patent application for True dual-mode MEMS resonators, and temperature compensation (Dual-output Microelectromechanical Resonator and Method Of Manufacture And Operation Thereof).


Preparing for Commercialization

  • Engineered for success through continuous improvements, developed the subsequent generation of dual-mode resonators.
  • Engaged strategic investors, including Doosan, and Investissement Quebec.
  • Strengthened and formalized Core Team and Scientific Advisory Board.


Secured funding & IP protection

  • WIPO accepts PCT application for our Dual-output Microelectromechanical Resonator and Method Of Manufacture And Operation Thereof " and deemed 80 claims as patentable.
  • Successfully closed seed round funding with strategic investors.
  • Started ASIC development in-house, and characterized a large volume of resonators, for performance, and long-term reliability.



  • Launched Stathera’s MEMS resonator / oscillator evaluation board for strategic customers. Contact us to request an eval board.
  • Grew MEMS and ASIC teams. Recruited and onboarded top talent that are making significant contributions to our accelerated development.
  • Exhibited at Computex 2021 in collaboration with trade partners in Taiwan.

We’re looking forward to all the exciting things to come!

Strategic Partners & Investors

We are backed by strategic investors, development, and manufacturing partners in North America and Asia. They include: