Timing is all around us. It’s woven into the fabric of everything connected to the internet.

At Stathera we are passionate about Time. We are passionate about saving time for our customers by providing ultra-stable, reliable, ‘plug and play’ Micro-electromechanical (MEMS) Timing solution. We also enable cost reduction and a lot more.

One of our high performance, True dual-output (MHz & kHz) MEMS oscillator replaces two incumbent oscillators, enabling simplification of system design, miniaturization, BOM reduction, lower current consumption, and lower system cost. Additionally, the embedded MEMS resonator die can be integrated into standard IC products, further enabling a one-chip solution.

Stathera’s True dual-output MEMS oscillator is ideally suited for Wearable, IoT, Smartphone and other connected devices.


The number of connected devices is forecasted to exceed 74 billion by 2025. All of them need at least one MHz reference frequency timing for control and communication and a kHz reference timing source for Real-Time-Clock or low-power modes.

By providing both MHz & kHz reference clock from the same oscillator, Stathera’s MEMS solution  not only provides significant advantages for the applications but also overcomes the limitations of quartz-based timing.

The Market Problem – Quartz Timing

Quartz-based oscillators provide only a single MHz or kHz output, requiring at least 2 oscillators per system, which consumes significant PCB area and increase BOM cost. Also, quartz oscillators are not CMOS compatible, and cannot scale or be integrated on-chip. In addition, their accuracy and performance are severely affected by environmental factors including temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration and shock. This results in premature failure, shorter battery life, and higher system cost.

Stathera’s Solution – MEMS Timing

Stathera’s MEMS oscillator is the only True dual-output (MHz and kHz) MEMS oscillator that replaces two oscillators, and enables simplification of system design, higher performance, higher robustness, longer battery life, reduction in PCB board-space, BOM and system cost!

What we are up to

At Stathera we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and technology. Here are some excerpts of what we are currently up to.


Stathera named as one of Canada’s TOP 20 Early startups by CIX. #CIX TOP20

Stathera has been selected by CIX Canadian Innovation Exchange as one of the 2022 CIX TOP 20 Early startups in Canada by a selection committee composed of 140 investors and innovation experts. 2022 winners were selected based on the level of innovation, business model, product offering, market opportunity, management. Stathera will be attending CiX Summit Nov 1 – 2, 2022. Come meet with us!

NOV 2022

Electronica 2022 Exhibition

Stathera is exhibiting at Electronica 2022 – come visit us in our partner, Doosan’s booth # B1.449  at Trade Fair Center Messe München, Germany. Review our brochures and speak with our team to learn more about the advantages of our MEMS timing solution for wearable, IoT and Smartphones. Also, our attendants are also available for 1-1 meetings to answer your questions or discuss your application requirements. Do not hesitate to book a meeting with us to discuss more.

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